So what’s next? I am developing a driving, racing type game with arcade, semi-realistic physics. There have been so many inspirations from movies like Baby Driver, The Fast and Furious Franchise to Console Games like Need for Speed: Payback, and the Gran Turismo series. I’m inspired by all of the insane car chases, drifting, spinning donuts, airborne jumps, epic crashes and so on. Since I’ve been doing research, I figured this would be a great time to share the list of the best unity assets I’ve found along the way…

List of Unity Assets with Vehicle Physics

Unity has several free and premium assets to help developers get started with vehicle and wheel physics.
Out of the dozens I’ve tested here are my top picks:

So far Edy’s Vehicle Physics is my favorite, Randomation Vehicle Physics 2.0 has the best vehicle damage design, and Vehicle Tools has a nice tool for optimizing and analyzing slipping and traction of Unity’s standard wheel colliders. The creator of Edy’s Vehicle Physics is also working on a more advanced premium version called Vehicle Physics ProIt’s a bit overkill for what I’m looking for but if you need that AAA game type of realistic vehicle physics then you should definitely try it. I downloaded the demos and was very impressed.

Fun fact: The Popular mobile game Smashy Road Wanted also used Edy’s Vehicle Physics. After my first week of testing, I understand why that was a good choice.

Creating a custom Vehicle Asset just for my game?

All of these unity assets have pros and cons. Some have too many options to configure, others don’t have enough. Furthermore, in my opinion, there are too many steps just to set up your own vehicle for quick prototyping.

As a programmer, I prefer to study the assets, use all of the best parts and create custom assets targeted directly for my driving game. I am using this approach as opposed to using the assets “as is” simply because developers sometimes abandon their assets – which could impact future updates to my game.

My first 2 games (Naxus and See it Tap it) are puzzle based reflex games, which were basically created to help me get a better understanding of self-publishing for multiple platforms. Unity has really given indie developers all of the tools needed to create and deploy games rapidly. For me, this is perfect since I only have weekends to work on my games.

Next blog update, I will show my progress on my custom vehicle asset, stay tuned.