I’ve decided to enter the indies vs pewdiepie game jam on game jolt and it seems like an awesome challenge. It’s almost 10 PM and it’s the 22nd. Can I make a game in 26 hours?!?  Not sure what I’m about to make so it I think I will just wing it. It should be fun and a great experience. I’m planning on using gamemaker to create my game. I’ve used gamemaker to create my first game “Naxus” which I recently completed.

The theme of this jam is “fun to play, fun to watch”, with an emphasis on laughter. Oh boy, this is going to be a long night…

I will post my updates on twitter, if you’re interested.

Update: Nov. 26, 2014
Bad News and Good News…
The bad news is I didn’t finish my prototype and the good news is my game concept will be made for mobile instead.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Indies vs PewDiePie game jam.