The purpose of the XDSK2 (XNA Developer’s Survival Kit) is to offer XNA game developers a list of resources for XNA 4.0 to assist them with creating better games and custom engines. This list is for developers who are already familiar with Object Oriented programming and game development. It is not a list for beginners, but it may help them get started if they have a little programming experience.

The XDSK2 provides a list of XNA 4.0 libraries, engines, techniques, articles and more.  Since MonoGame is Keeping XNA alive, this list is still useful to some.

Please Note: This library will no longer be updated (some links are broken) – I will keep it available for developers still using XNA.

Rendering, Graphics and Game Engines


Character Animation



  • DigitalRune Physics – A module from DigitalRune Engine – many features, (fast & Xbox, $300)
  • Bepu Physics – Nice Physics engine with many features, (fast, FREE)
  • Jitter Physics – Physics Engine by the author of JigLibX (fast, FREE)
  • Matali Physics -fast with lots of potential (fast on PC, average on Xbox 360, $130 – $260)
  • Henge 3D Physics – Lot of Features and multi-threaded (okay on PC, slow on Xbox 360, FREE)
  • JigLibX – old physics engine (not multi-threaded) (slow, FREE – use Jitter instead… )
  • Farseer Physics Engine – a 2D Physics Engine
  • Box2D.XNA – C#/XNA port of Box2D




Artificial Intelligence (AI)




Graphical User Interfaces(GUI) Level Editor Tools

GameState Management




Useful Extras and Services


Articles Blogs and Tutorials


XNA 4.0 Books


Are you converting and XNA 3.0 projects to XNA 4.0?

*Most of the articles above are from Shawn Hargreaves Blog, posted here to make them easier to find.

Sites that promote and review Indie Games

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